Beyond winning

As probably noticed we use the wording “Beyond winning” in connection to our practice. A small background on this choice of words.

In sports winning is essential. Everything starts with it. Wins lead to success. Success leads to income from prize money, sponsorships and other sources. On income, tax is paid. That is when DB Tax Advisory (generally) comes into play and plays a continuous role from that point on. After all, the optimal tax position has a positive impact on an athletes budget. More budget creates more opportunities for development. Developments leads to (more) wins. And so the path continues.

The second reason for “Beyond winning” is that we admire winning but we love wins that are bigger than the victory itself. A win that has impact on society and therefor becomes a historical win. A victory that goes beyond winning. One that will be remembered through the length of time.

Finally, with that same winning mentality of our clients, we play on the field of tax. We are there to win and create the best possible tax position for our each of our clients.

DB Tax Advisory

For inspiring victories, bigger than a win, have a look at – an initiative of DB Tax Advisory.