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“The only thing that matters to you is that victory in your next match. That triumph you live for.”

All athletes should be able to work with a team that develops their potential in the best way. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Often due to financial limitations.

Everybody has to deal with taxes. For many people it’s a clear-cut situation. Unfortunately, not for athletes. For athletes it’s often a complex process and, even more, something you don’t want to have on your mind.

The impact of taxes on an athletes budget is underestimated. Many athletes could widen their financial possibilities if they improved their tax position. A few examples of budget losses: double taxation, not applying for tax deductions and not administering all costs. In short, a non-optimal tax position limits possibilities to build on your career and reach your full potential.

DB Tax Advisory is specialized in the numbers off court. We cut down taxes as much as possible, so what you have worked so hard for can be invested back into you. We walk on the edge, but play fair. Just like you. We work with facts. So all numbers are substantiated, verified and complete.

It’s always possible to meet for an introduction without any obligations. In our office or on your court.

What we do best

24/7 insight in financials

Up-to-date tax position to your current situation

Tailor made advice


Fair play

Optimal tax position

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“We are interested in your career. Are you interested in your tax position?
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