The story behind ‘DB’

‘D.B.’ are the initials of a lawyer in the United States. Not just any lawyer. As a young lad and being a dyslectic he decided law college was his path. A study with a lot of legislation, books, case law, regulations, treaties and so lots of reading and writing. Great goal, big challenge. Nevertheless, he managed to become a tier one lawyer and handled some big national cases. His story is featured in the book of “David and Goliath” written by Malcolm Gladwell. A story of beating the odds.

Every young athlete comes to a moment in his or her career in which all odds are stacked against him. On the grass of Wimbledon playing a top seed, on the fairway of Old Course, St. Andrews competing with the world’s best or on the ice in Vancouver eye to eye at the starting line with a phenomenon who is there to secure his third consecutive gold medal. Zero chance. But the young athlete knows to get in a mind blowing flow and wins. Crushes the current legend. The tipping point in his career and the start of what might become a legacy someday.

The synergy in this law and sports story is that both are going against all odds but on a journey they believe in very deeply. Putting in all their efforts to climb a mountain so high which would make most people choke. Despite, or most likely thanks to, this they keep going and pushing, year after year, to reach their goal and make their dream come true. With that they inspire deeply.

In this light the initials ‘D.B.’ stand for more than a name. They stand for trust, hard work and perseverance. A great fit for a young tax law boutique specialized in tax advice for athletes.